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Shining a Spotlight on The Role Of Physiotherapists : Zixa Strong Champions Behind The Champions

Updated on Dec 11, 2023 09:52 PM IST [Partnered] In the world of sports, the headlines are often dominated by elite athletes. But behind every victory is the dedication and hard work of countless individuals behind-the-scenes. Behind every shining athlete stands a team of unsung heroes – the physiotherapists and sports medicine specialists who keep […]

Mini washing machine with dryer: Top 10 options to choose from in September 2023

As Indian women step out of their homes to eke out a living or make a career for themselves, the pressure of managing home and career mounts. Since the responsibility of micro managing their homes is still a woman’s responsibility in India, ensuring that she has the necessary tools to make life simple and effortless […]

Elon Musk-owned X could turn a profit by 2024: CEO Linda Yaccarino

Social media platform X could turn a profit in early 2024, Chief Executive Officer Linda Yaccarino said on Wednesday, during a wide-ranging interview in which she defended the company’s progress under billionaire owner Elon Musk. X Chief Executive Officer Linda Yaccarino(AFP) The appearance at Vox Media’s Code conference comes as Yaccarino marked 100 days as […]

Top 5 refrigerator brands in India 2023: Great cooling, Wi-Fi monitored & more

If you are someone who believes that home appliances should be bought of finest quality, then this article about top 5 refrigerator brands in India will be of interest to you. It talks about 5 brands that are synonymous with high efficiency, great cooling properties and advanced technologies. The brands are Samsung, LG, Whirlpool, Haier […]

Best fridge in India 2023 to keep veggies fresh, beverages cool: September guide

Your fridge may be working fine, but you may still be tempted to bring home a brand new one with advanced features and cutting edge technology. Well, we totally understand your sentiment and vouch for it too. From Wi-Fi connectivity, frost-free technology, inverter compressors, digital display, touch controls, stylish and multiple doors to advanced water […]

IIT Kanpur to host annual ‘E-summit’ from October 13-15

Indian Institute of Kanpur will organise its annual ‘E-Summit’ from October 13-15 to stimulate discussion on ideas that turn issues into opportunities to revolutionise society. Since its first edition in 2012, E-Summit continues to be a source of ingenuity and innovation and fulfills its aim to foster the entrepreneurial spirit in the wider community, the […]

Best top load washing machines in India 2023: September 2023 buying guide

Are you a person with mobility issues and looking for a washing machine in which you can easily load and unload clothes? Wondering if there’s a machine that can squeeze maximum water out of clothes, thereby reducing the drying time? Then just know the top load washing machine is your answer. There are so many […]

Hack of Egyptian presidential candidate’s iPhone tied to tech firm Sandvine

Attempts to hack the iPhone of a presidential candidate in Egypt have been linked to the computer networking company Sandvine Inc., whose equipment has previously been used by Belarus and other countries to censor the internet. Ahmed Eltantawy, a prominent opposition politician, was repeatedly targeted with spyware between May and September after he announced his […]

India’s best TV: Pick from one of top 10 picks in September 2023

Think of any modern home today. Can you imagine a household without a television set? Difficult, right? This humble appliance has helped millions and millions of people across the globe know about the world other than their own. It as entertained an equal number of people as they have watched and enjoyed global feasts for […]